Fernandez & Wells

When the weather in London is this wet and this cold, ‘outdoors’ becomes this distant rain-slicked world that brings only wet coats and runny noses. Life is about the journey between the inner courtyard door to the outside gate door to the Tesco’s and back, and trying not to get splashed by the 149 bus.  London food adventures have been few and far between, and bar last week’s spur-of-the-moment Thanksgiving celebration, our kitchen has been uninspired.

It’s times like this – cuddled up in my Duvet of Fear – that I think about simple and great meals shared in the sunshine. Like spending an afternoon in London with a loved one, walking through Soho and enjoying a sandwich at Fernandez & Wells. Sitting at the bar on Lexington Street and tucking into a mortadella sandwich with a cold bottle of Fentiman’s, catching the last of the summer sun… I’d love to be there right now.

It was my first visit to Fernandez & Wells, and I can only add to the glowing reviews. My mortadella sandwich was exactly what I was after, packed full of flavours despite looking deceptively simple. I didn’t even suffer food envy for my partner-in-food-crime’s bresaola sandwich (although I did steal some of his Fentiman’s lemonade – that stuff is beverage crack).

Hanging out with nothing to do but enjoy the crunch of my sandwich and good company… beats trying to keep my toes warm by sitting on  my feet and eating digestives.


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